Wednesday, 18 March 2009

How To Wear Shiny Wet Look Leggings Without Looking Ridiculous

Womens Batwing Blue Jersey Frill Keyhole Blouse - Ideal Way To Pair Your New Shiny Leggings.

We're talking about PVC leggings, shiny wet look leggings, leather-look leggings, latex (spandex?) leggings, you know the ones that look like this American Apparel one which you can get here.
It's been a bit of a craze lately. Depending on how much you can afford to spend on these leggings, it can start from anything like £6.99 to over £100 for the leather-look ones in big name brand boutiques.

The question is: how do you wear them?
We've seen them on Lindsay Lohan and Victoria Beckham. Posh looks great in it.The trick as it happens, is to not show the crotch area. Nothing is worst than seeing that ugly stretchy bit in between your legs. Pull it up, wear it it with a short top and don't show your gut or wear it with a long top, the hemline reaching midway at the thighs.
A good reccomendation is a batwing top, jersey prefably like this slightly shimmery one from Chiara Fashion, priced at a decent £16.99.
Loose, oversized, slouchy tops made from slinky, soft, fabric like viscose or jersey cotton that hangs in drapes - make the perfect contrasting pairing with the wet look leggings. For shoes, try gladiator stilettoes, black prefably.

If you've got that extra cash to flash, then get one of these totally chic black kimono sleeve top by Chloe which you can get at, priced at £253.
There are a couple of cool websites you get these lovely leggings from and we've put them here according to budget: cheapest to most expensive.
Check it out and give us your thoughts!

At £195, from

At £14.99, with zip-detail (very sexy) from Chiara Fashion

At £6.99, promotion price, from Chiara Fashion

At £29.50, by RELIGION, from ASOS

P/S: Check out Victoria Beckham wearing them.


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