Friday, 3 April 2009

Midseason Sale All Ova the Virtual High Street!

Its here already! The mid season sale have hit the stores!
The sun's shining, the weather is beautiful, you might wanna consider getting a bit of fresh air and perhaps a top at Topshop or a skirt at Next while you're at it...
But the parking fee in town just does not seem worth it. That is, if you do manage to get out of that traffic jam in the first place.
And queueing up at the till just isn't fun anymore...

I just got off work and didn't feel like I want to negotiate the frantic pre-friday night/post-work 5pm crowd, so I went home, kicked off my shoes and made myself comfy on the sofa, turned on my little laptop and browsed through a couple of stores online -
and I gotta say, some of the sales are wayy better than on the actual high street.

Check it out girlfriends:
- up to 50% off shoes at ASOS, better than the 25% off is offering

- Chiara Fashion is offering up 40% off some of its bestselling going out dresses and cute printed 80s slogan tees like these frankie says relax ones:

- Debenham's half-price sale is quite tempting too.

So, a dress from, a pair of shoes from ASOS, some accessories from Topshop - that's next friday night sorted!


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