Friday, 1 May 2009

Asymmetric Dresses - How To Find The Right Asymmetric Dress

Hello, people. Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Busy busy busy!

Ok, so apparently, asymmetric dresses were supposed to be a hit, like last year or something.
But it never really caught on to the high street, not till this year.

People never really got into it, plus, what's worse is that if you dont find the right kind of asymmetric dress to suit your body shape, you might end up looking like a cavewoman with a piece of one shoulder fabric hanging limply on your body.

No, we dont want that.

So, I went round the stores comparing the fit and styles of this revived dress cut and found some interesting ones. Obviously these are my own experiences with this dress so it may differ from yours but do keep in mind these important advice:

Make up your mind on how you want the dress to fit on you. With asymmetric dresses, you cannot just say- "ok i'll just wear that. It'll be fine."
More attention is needed.

1) If you want the dress to be fitting on you, ensure the garment hugs your body and follows the shape of your curves.

- The asymmetric cut on the chest should not cut too low down to your boobs.

- The underarms should stay close to your skin, and not sag. If this is the case, get a smaller size

- Get a dress that is made from soft, stretchy fabric, so that even if it's fitting, it does not choke you and make it look stiff. Soft jersey is ideal.

2) If you want the dress to be loose fitting, as in, have a slight wrap or drape effect

- Then go for a chiffon dresses or similarly silk or silk-like fabrics

-Let the drape effect be mainly on the sides of the garment not on the front of the bodice - this is because this gives the illusion of a slimmer figure.

- Ensure there is some sort of hold on the top chest section, like an elasticated bit or a slightly more fitted feel. Chiffon is not really stretchy and you will need that extra precaution. You dont want to be pulling up your dress every few secondson a night out.

Personally, i like block prints at the moment. it's 80s revival, its bright, its vogue, its summer and I love it.

This Colour Block Asymmetric Dress from Topshop is absolutely gorgeous. Soft colours, stretchy, body-con fit. Great with black tights me thinks. £38

This River Island One Shoudler dress, in lovely satin. Love the contrasting band detail there but I wasn't sure about the strap there to be honest. Plus, it does look, for lack of better words, slightly dull. They have the same thing in black if you want to play it safe. £39.99

Asymmetric Black & Fuschia Stripe Party Dress from Chiara Fashion. The fit is great, just like the Topshop dress. Like i said, I love block colours and this is the perfect combination. Stretchy, and you can wear with or without tights. £24.99

So there you have it. Get shopping and tell me your thoughts! I think most stores are having some sort of sale at the moment so now's the chance to try something new.

Friday, 3 April 2009

Midseason Sale All Ova the Virtual High Street!

Its here already! The mid season sale have hit the stores!
The sun's shining, the weather is beautiful, you might wanna consider getting a bit of fresh air and perhaps a top at Topshop or a skirt at Next while you're at it...
But the parking fee in town just does not seem worth it. That is, if you do manage to get out of that traffic jam in the first place.
And queueing up at the till just isn't fun anymore...

I just got off work and didn't feel like I want to negotiate the frantic pre-friday night/post-work 5pm crowd, so I went home, kicked off my shoes and made myself comfy on the sofa, turned on my little laptop and browsed through a couple of stores online -
and I gotta say, some of the sales are wayy better than on the actual high street.

Check it out girlfriends:
- up to 50% off shoes at ASOS, better than the 25% off is offering

- Chiara Fashion is offering up 40% off some of its bestselling going out dresses and cute printed 80s slogan tees like these frankie says relax ones:

- Debenham's half-price sale is quite tempting too.

So, a dress from, a pair of shoes from ASOS, some accessories from Topshop - that's next friday night sorted!


Wednesday, 18 March 2009

How To Wear Shiny Wet Look Leggings Without Looking Ridiculous

Womens Batwing Blue Jersey Frill Keyhole Blouse - Ideal Way To Pair Your New Shiny Leggings.

We're talking about PVC leggings, shiny wet look leggings, leather-look leggings, latex (spandex?) leggings, you know the ones that look like this American Apparel one which you can get here.
It's been a bit of a craze lately. Depending on how much you can afford to spend on these leggings, it can start from anything like £6.99 to over £100 for the leather-look ones in big name brand boutiques.

The question is: how do you wear them?
We've seen them on Lindsay Lohan and Victoria Beckham. Posh looks great in it.The trick as it happens, is to not show the crotch area. Nothing is worst than seeing that ugly stretchy bit in between your legs. Pull it up, wear it it with a short top and don't show your gut or wear it with a long top, the hemline reaching midway at the thighs.
A good reccomendation is a batwing top, jersey prefably like this slightly shimmery one from Chiara Fashion, priced at a decent £16.99.
Loose, oversized, slouchy tops made from slinky, soft, fabric like viscose or jersey cotton that hangs in drapes - make the perfect contrasting pairing with the wet look leggings. For shoes, try gladiator stilettoes, black prefably.

If you've got that extra cash to flash, then get one of these totally chic black kimono sleeve top by Chloe which you can get at, priced at £253.
There are a couple of cool websites you get these lovely leggings from and we've put them here according to budget: cheapest to most expensive.
Check it out and give us your thoughts!

At £195, from

At £14.99, with zip-detail (very sexy) from Chiara Fashion

At £6.99, promotion price, from Chiara Fashion

At £29.50, by RELIGION, from ASOS

P/S: Check out Victoria Beckham wearing them.


Friday, 13 March 2009

Jersey Dresses

Jersey style dresses, slouchy tees and leggings, (especially wet look leggings) are the ones to watch for your SS09 lookbook. Soft jersey dresses are fun and floaty, perfect for the spring season. Go for bright colours. And then layer the dress with a dark/neutral colored v neck cardi like this one.
With the dress, I think these guys got it right with layering the dress with the leggings. Add the cardi and some flat shoes, like keds plimsolls, to the mix, and you get a boho, relaxed, sassy style.

What do you guys think?

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