Friday, 1 May 2009

Asymmetric Dresses - How To Find The Right Asymmetric Dress

Hello, people. Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Busy busy busy!

Ok, so apparently, asymmetric dresses were supposed to be a hit, like last year or something.
But it never really caught on to the high street, not till this year.

People never really got into it, plus, what's worse is that if you dont find the right kind of asymmetric dress to suit your body shape, you might end up looking like a cavewoman with a piece of one shoulder fabric hanging limply on your body.

No, we dont want that.

So, I went round the stores comparing the fit and styles of this revived dress cut and found some interesting ones. Obviously these are my own experiences with this dress so it may differ from yours but do keep in mind these important advice:

Make up your mind on how you want the dress to fit on you. With asymmetric dresses, you cannot just say- "ok i'll just wear that. It'll be fine."
More attention is needed.

1) If you want the dress to be fitting on you, ensure the garment hugs your body and follows the shape of your curves.

- The asymmetric cut on the chest should not cut too low down to your boobs.

- The underarms should stay close to your skin, and not sag. If this is the case, get a smaller size

- Get a dress that is made from soft, stretchy fabric, so that even if it's fitting, it does not choke you and make it look stiff. Soft jersey is ideal.

2) If you want the dress to be loose fitting, as in, have a slight wrap or drape effect

- Then go for a chiffon dresses or similarly silk or silk-like fabrics

-Let the drape effect be mainly on the sides of the garment not on the front of the bodice - this is because this gives the illusion of a slimmer figure.

- Ensure there is some sort of hold on the top chest section, like an elasticated bit or a slightly more fitted feel. Chiffon is not really stretchy and you will need that extra precaution. You dont want to be pulling up your dress every few secondson a night out.

Personally, i like block prints at the moment. it's 80s revival, its bright, its vogue, its summer and I love it.

This Colour Block Asymmetric Dress from Topshop is absolutely gorgeous. Soft colours, stretchy, body-con fit. Great with black tights me thinks. £38

This River Island One Shoudler dress, in lovely satin. Love the contrasting band detail there but I wasn't sure about the strap there to be honest. Plus, it does look, for lack of better words, slightly dull. They have the same thing in black if you want to play it safe. £39.99

Asymmetric Black & Fuschia Stripe Party Dress from Chiara Fashion. The fit is great, just like the Topshop dress. Like i said, I love block colours and this is the perfect combination. Stretchy, and you can wear with or without tights. £24.99

So there you have it. Get shopping and tell me your thoughts! I think most stores are having some sort of sale at the moment so now's the chance to try something new.

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